Meal Planning

Starting something new always seems to give me a desire to make goals and lists. I feel exceptionally pleased with myself when I make a list and end up accomplishing everything on it (as I’m sure most people do). This month, in particular, has been exceptionally busy and I knew that ahead of time. This … More Meal Planning

Being Intentional

I don’t normally post new year’s resolutions. For one, I try to post birthday resolutions each year (this past year’s can be found here) and I feel a bit redundant posting new year’s resolutions four months later. Secondly, I feel that resolutions are ridiculous and get broken by day six of the new year. Therefore, … More Being Intentional


Wow! Already we’re nearing the end of November. I feel like I say this every time I write, but time seems to go faster every day. The last time I wrote I was talking about some goals I’d like to accomplish each month. I’m still looking at finalizing those categories, but these past few months … More Changes


Summer is supposed to be one of those carefree times. A time when you get out with your friends and family and enjoy the weather. Enjoy all that the season has to offer [concerts, picnics, events, outings, etc]. Summer is also a time when people often let loose. A time when they forget about appointments … More Overwhelmed