When Bible reading is boring…

I’ll admit that I’m not the strongest Christian.

To be honest, I allow myself to become easily distracted and I place importance on things that… well… they’re really not all that important when I think about it. I don’t like to say this out loud to too many people, but I’m selfish. I like to spend my time doing what I want, when I want to. In fact, if I’m completely honest, I could probably go all day watching online shows and surfing the internet for things that have very little importance and are serious time wasters.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve had to come to terms with this selfish factor (a lot sooner than I maybe wanted to). I could be in the middle of writing an email, or watching a show, or aimlessly browsing blogs, but when the little man wants to eat, or be held, or needs his diaper changed… you don’t wait. I’ve often had a blog open for days before I get around to finishing it.

So that being said, my relationship with Christ has suffered. Actually… it was in the suffering stage long before I had my son. I was (am) the type of Christian who so often found it easier to say I’d do something when I got around to it. Don’t do that! You’re not on earth to live for yourself. You’re placed here, at this specific moment, in this specific time, to do the work of your Father. He’s placed you here for a very special reason. Knowing that, don’t you want to make the most of this relationship? How can you possibly grow and develop and learn more about your personal Saviour if you’re spending all your time doing things for yourself? I like to look at it like a marriage or dating relationship (or even a really close friendship). If you only spend time doing things that are beneficial to you or that are enjoyable for you, how will you ever learn what the other person is interested in or passionate about?

The same goes for your relationship with Christ. In order to develop a lasting relationship with Him, you need to learn about Him. What better way to do that then through His Word?

My problem? I get easily distracted and bored. Bored?! Yup…

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age we (and I count myself as one of the top contenders on this list) are so inundated with technology and the fast-paced happenings of every day life. We have a hard time just stopping to take in our surroundings or enjoy what’s set out before us. This is evident in our relationships, in our work, and in our inability to spend longer than five minutes doing something. We want everything NOW! FAST! QUICKLY! We certainly don’t want to “waste” time sitting down to read long passages written thousands of years ago. Who has time for that? Right?

There’s nothing wrong with promptness and speed. However, there are definitely things that require calm and serenity. Things that cannot simply be rushed through. Things that need to be digested slowly and absorbed. Things like God’s Word.

I came across an article last year by David Murray entitled, “Re-ignite Bible Reading That’s Become Boring.” If you’re anything like me, I strongly encourage you to take a few moments to read this article. It has twelve short points on how to revitalize your Bible reading. I’ve highlighted and picked out the top sentences that really spoke to me from each point.

1. Routine. Pick a time, and stick at it.

2. Sleep. Many times boredom sets in because we’re shattered with exhaustion and we just don’t have the energy to read in an interactive and profitable way. 

3. Ban the cellphone. If you check your phone before you check your Bible, the Bible is going to lose. And put your phone away as you read; even if it’s not pinging and buzzing, the brain sees it and is expecting it, causing further distraction.

4. Read a different version. Sometimes we’ve got too familiar with the words we’ve read many, many times.

5. Read more slowly (or quickly). Just change it up a bit. 

6. Read a devotional first. Sometimes our hearts need to be warmed up. 

7. Use a study Bible. Now and again, for a few weeks at a time, you could use a study Bible or brief commentary to help you get excited about the Bible again.

8. Accountability. If we know someone is going to ask us what we read and what we learned from our Bibles that day, that usually sharpens our concentration and therefore increases edification.

9. Need. If I don’t see my need of the Bible, I won’t value it. 

10. Remember who is speaking. Our listening depends on who is talking and what he or she is talking about. Before you start, remind yourself of who is speaking – God – and what He is speaking about – your eternal salvation.

11. Pray. Confess to God that you find reading the Bible boring. 

12. Serve. If we’re only eating and not exercising, we’ll soon lose our appetite.

The biggest ones for me to take to heart and really focus on are #1 and #3.

Where do you see a need for improvement in your life?

Have you tried these options? Do you have other ways to help you keep in touch with God and His Word?


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